Saturday, September 10, 2011

One extreme to another

Two newly created designs from my etsy shop

I created an etsy account about a month ago but it's only been about a week that I actually started adding designs.  It was such a struggle for me to pick a certain "style" to stick with since I love it all!  From bright and loud colors to a very minimal simplistic style.  

I've been trying to add a new design every day and I have about 10 items so far.  My goal is to reach about 50 items by the end of the month and possibly 100+ items overall.  No sales yet (I was told about 30-50 items was the magic number?).  But I was contacted via Etsy to design a customized Etsy Shop Set and new Logo design! I'm very thrilled about that! 

Also, if any one has any ideas on what items TO design, that would be very helpful as well! 

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