Thursday, September 15, 2011

Semi-Productive Day

First off you gotta read this blog post by my new sponsor Kristen, titled "RUT".

The image she featured on her post has my name written all over it.  It screams, "Jayne! Jayne! Jayne!"  lol.  Well for today anyway, since today was supposed to be my packing and prepping day for my trip starting tomorrow morning (I'll be back Saturday though).  I had laundry to do, dishes to clean, so on and so on.  Guess where I was? On the computer doing absolutely nothing.  Ok, well I did do a few things here and there - I didn't totally bum it out today and I did end up finishing everything. So anywho....

Guess who finally joined pinterest! I didn't think I was going to get an invite so quick, so if you're one of those still waiting for one, contact me and I'll send you an invite!  It's pretty cool if you're like me and enjoy having a bunch of things other people like all in one source.  I'm still getting the hang of it though.

Notice the nails in my pinterest btw?  Pretty huh? Which lead me to my next find...

Cloe's Nails - This girl has talent!  I love to do my nails (and others - see previous entry) and I addooooreee her designs.  I had a hard time choosing which ones I wanted to feature on my image above.  So many to choose from, I highly suggest you visit her website.  I'm sure there are thousands of nail art designs out there, I've ran into a few - but her style is definitely similar to mine.


  1. Those nails are Amazing! I heard pin interest could really eat up a lot of time!

  2. Do you like pinterest more than stumble? I'm a new follower, I saw you on the Etsy Blogging Buddies Team. I'm a colored pencil artist, check out my blog:
    thanks, Susie

  3. I have become a bit obsessed with Pinterest... took me awhile to jump in, but now I'm all over it!

  4. Oh gosh, Pintrest does take up a lot of your time!

    @Susie: I prefer stumble over pintrest for the moment. I'll be visiting your site shortly!

  5. I'm registered on pininterest, but still cannot fathom it out.

    Am sure it would help my toys, but this social media stuff really does wear an oldie out!

    Have just about got the hang of Twitter and FB (the latter - I think!) and I'm also on Kaboodle, but again I don't know what I'm doing and DiggIt. One day, maybe, I'll get there.

    Meanwhile, will keep following you and hope you'll come round to follow me too (some of you here have done (and thanks). The blog is; the shop where the toys I write about is at See you there maybe? Hope so. Isobel

  6. Pretty! I'm not familiar with pinterest, so I will have to check it out. ;-)

  7. Hi Jayne!
    It sure is a challenge not to get lost in this wonderful electronic world of information and beauty!

    I've joined pinterest and it's fabulous but I don't go in there unless I have hours to spare....which I don't...

    Love the nails.

  8. Pretty nails! I like the matte and shiny finishes together.

  9. Those nails are amazing! I really like them.
    New follower.

    I'm new to blogging so if you can stop by: