Friday, October 7, 2011

Day of shopping & sales!

I finally bought some Seche Vite top coat! It is amazing stuff, I've tried plenty of different top coats and I'm loving this one.  I also continued with my scotch tape trials (part 1).  I used the satin finish tape and it worked much better than the regular transparent tape.  It was just hard to see but then again that's probably because the tape was over the silver polish.  Don't mind the edges by the way, I realized later that I cleaned them after the picture. Hehe whoops!

So for those of you without some Seche Vite top coat, head on over Sally Beauty Supply for a bottle and pick up a free bottle of Stripe Rite Paint.  Sally has sooo many great offers for their October Special! So if you're like me and need to stock up on some beauty supplies, this is your month!

I was able to buy a new 1 1/2" Ion curling iron and receive a free Ion Mini Straight n' Spiral Styler Iron (valued at 29.99).  There are tons more savings and offers so be sure to check out their sale flyer!

Other than that I'm pretty excited that I was finally able to buy a replacement screen, battery and cord for my netbook. With school and me always having somewhere to be, I figure it's time I finally fix it and tote it around with me to finish up assignments on the go.

Also, I've been real swamped with work and school lately.  I finally forced myself to at least make one item for my shop so here it is!  A new Etsy banner set, background features colorful floral doodles on kraft paper.  Hopefully more designs to come soon!


  1. What fun nails! I'm not sure I'd have the patience to do :)
    Great new banner/shop design!

  2. Wow - very cool nails! The scotch tape works really well. Thanks for the heads up on Sally's sale!

  3. ANything to with nails...I am in. Home grown nails here :-)

    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies


  4. Great nails! I really wish I had the patience to do all these cool new nails things I've been seeing.

  5. Oooo, I love the Etsy banner set! How lovely :) You're so talented!

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